Design your favorite furniture according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style. 


Designed in simple and clean lines, ‘Sarah’ can complement a variety of interiors, depending on the painted colors and combinations to bring out the relevant mood of the space. Paint it distressed white and use pastel colors for the drawers for a more vintage/shabby-chic look or use bolder colors for a more edgy, contemporary look. The choice is yours!



‘Brigitte’ is our delightful French style cabinet. Skillfully handmade, it features a gorgeous curvy shape, it will add French style timeless classic appeal to any room it will be incorporated into.  Each door is also fitted with decorative crystal handles for that beautiful feminine touch.

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Our lovely ‘Myriam’, is a French style single door cabinet accommodating enough storage without sacrificing on style. Chic yet petite, it can be used in many spaces to display your personal collections either that may be your fine china or unique ornaments selected through your travels.

vintage bookshelf


‘Lorraine’ is a truly sensational French style bookcase that will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space it will be incorporated in. Crafted by our expert craftsmen from pinewood in a sumptuous and curved design, it features 4 shelves for plenty of shelving space.



Complete your interior in effortless style with this understated yet stylish chest of drawers, hand-crafted to suit you, your needs and your space! A furniture piece, that is both functional and visually appealing due to its’ different sizes of drawers that could be further enhanced and brought to life with various colors, paint finishes, fabric decoupage options and handles! The possibilities are endless!

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The basic frame of our ‘Aline’ chest of drawers consists of straight, clean lines with a curvy surface top and under-frame for that extra chic French-style touch. However, the design in question can be customized to reflect not only your own needs for functionality but also your sense of aesthetics, through a wide choice of colors and paint finishes!



Curvy, elegant, romantic and chic, she’s a real lady! Drawers could be altered and made bigger or smaller and don’t forget to choose your paint color and finish and you’re ready to take ‘Rosaline’ home for show-off!


Complementary Furniture 


Featuring desk, mirror, floor-lamp and more furniture.