Refurbishment | Re-purposing of old furniture

Here at In Domo we love old furniture and we treat them with respect! Old wooden furniture can be restored and re-freshened to be brought back to life or altered and transformed into something completely new. Here at In Domo you will find unique creations, such as the redesigning of an old suitcase into a small settee or a small bar. You will find us transforming old wooden doors into dining tables, chairs turned into benches and so forth! The possibilities are endless and our imagination has no limits!

Feel free to browse through the gallery below, in order to view some samples of our work! If you have an old furniture piece that you would like us to restore, renovate or turn into something new, then just use the ‘Send messageoption, upload your photos, tell us a bit how you would like us to help you, and we will respond back to you within 1 business day!