Custom-made lounge-chairs

Design your favorite lounge-chair according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style. 

Merging the comfort of a club chair with the tailored silhouette of mid-century modern seating, ‘Sabrina’ offers an instant timeless classic design. Adding to its’ beauty is the fact that it can be made bespoke to match your own taste and preferences regarding fabric selection, ensuring that it will be made unique and leave a lasting impression in your very own interior.



A wing chair is an easy chair or club chair with "wings" mounted to the back of the chair, stretching down to the arm rest. Offering great comfort, this armchair is ideal for just relaxing and reading a book, even next to the fireplace.  

old style chair.jpg


Its’ solid beech arms and legs add a lovely touch of tradition, yet if combined with a more sophisticated and luxurious fabric, it can really turn the spotlight on it!  Arrange two of them opposite your favorite sofa to create a conversational layout or use it on its’ own, for those moments when you finally rest and relax with your favorite novel and coffee brew. 

floral quilted sofa.jpg


Easy-going , comfortable with a subtle touch of elegance, our ‘Ella’ lounge-chair will be a great addition to any vintage/shabby-chic inspired or contemporary living room, depending on the chosen fabric that will set the tone of the décor.

vintage coffee table.jpg