Eclectic style Dining room

Design your favorite furniture according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style. 


We are proud to introduce Emma either in a cyclical or rectangular shape. Its attractiveness is found on the base of the table which it features a massive design that can be crafted in the solid wood of your personal choice!

50cm-R130. 55-R-150.jpg


A magnificent round dining table for you and your guests to enjoy the art of ‘fine dining’! Comprised of a cylindrical base, made of a new, modern approach, achieved through a laser cut design, which makes ‘art’ in furniture design a reality! Personalize your own Doriane table now and simply let your dining table be the artwork in the room!  

dining tables.jpg


Sophisticated and modern, this is a dining table that makes a statement and turns heads! The combination of  wood and marble is always remarkable! Other materials, colors and finishes are also available, so that you can personalize your dining table just the way you like it!



Bearing an ‘X’ metal design base and an oval glass top this is a great choice, that will complement any modern, contemporary or industrial interior. And no need to be concerned with its’ dimensions! We can make this to the exact size and dimensions that you want!