Custom-made couches

Design your favorite center table according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style.


Modern, minimal and unique, our ‘Irene’ sofa design is for the ones with eclectic taste! Bearing a metal frame with an ergonomic seating, it offers an alternative sofa option to the ordinary ones, in order to satisfy the needs of the ones who seek out a different kind of sofa. It can be upholstered in the fabric of your choice and can be tufted or merely buttoned, according to personal taste!    



For those looking for an out of the ordinary type of sofa and love the industrial element, our Pascale design will get you intrigued! Featuring a metal base, surrounded with wooden planks and hand-made wheels for support and that added industrial touch, it’s definitely a piece that can enhance both your indoor and outdoor space! As it can be customized to your preferred dimensions, colors and fabrics, you can completely personalize its’ looks according to your own tastes and style!  

retro design.jpg


Inspired from mid-century design, our Μαρτηα sofa comes to bring a sense of that era back into the home décor game! And why not?  The Mid-Centurey era had a lot of interesting design pieces to offer! You can include it in a modern mid-century, contemporary and Scandinavian décor! Personalize it with the fabric of your choice and complement your interior just the way you’ve envisioned it!



A Chesterfield at heart yet more compact and discrete, our ''Eleonore' sofa features all of its’ characteristics…the distinctive deep buttoned upholstery, rolled arms, low seat base and equal back and arm height! No interior can go wrong with such a magnificent piece and it can be truly transformed according to the color and texture of the chosen upholstered fabric!


Yvonne Console- Table