Custom-made corner sofas

Design your favorite settee according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style.



Featuring a wooden frame and metallic legs, this sofa is quite minimal, unpretentious yet elegant! It will look amazing in a modern home or in a contemporary and industrial décor style. Dimensions and design can be altered according to your needs, in order to feature either a sofa with a chaise longue or a proper corner sofa!  



Blanche can fit any space, as it can be adjusted accordingly to preferred dimensions! Transform Blanche into looking a bit more contemporary, bohemian or industrially perhaps, by choosing the right fabric and sewing details to match that look!



Inspired from the notion of having a functional piece that could be arranged in various different ways to fit different spaces and accommodate different needs, we have created our Dolores design! Personalize Dolores to fit exactly into your own home and choose the fabric of your choice to let your own style shine!



Nicole is a two-piece corner sofa, bearing a simple and unpretentious design, which in that effect could easily be incorporated in many different settings and satisfy the needs of different decor styles! Besides its’ dimensions, it could be further personalised by the choice of your own fabric and sawing details!  If you dreamed it, we can make it happen!


Sleek and modern, our Ninette design is a great sofa option for a space that is modern or opts for a decor style of modern or contemporary feel. Ninette is a two-piece sofa design, with a high back that extends into a pouff on one side, while featuring a sofa arm on the other! Nickel legs come to add to its’ modern look. 


Retro Style

Featuring buffet, tv-stand and console table.