Design your favorite lounge-chair according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style. 


Simply stunning, our ‘Leila’ chair is sure to astound and impress upon many generations! A sense of elegant opulence is induced to this chair with its’ velvet handmade tufted back, discreet low arms and charming legs.



If true elegance to be admired is what you’re looking in a dining chair, our ‘Louise’ is the one for you!It boasts gracefulness and sophistication with its’ classical frame, with or without 'armrests', Provencal-style round back and intricate carved details. Even more sensational, this chair can be made bespoke, so you may choose the paint color and upholstered fabric of your choice, in order to complement individual tastes/interiors!  

simone vintage dining chair.png


This chair offers a stunning French appeal in any home. With its’ elegant and romantic classic French design, our ‘Simone’ chair comes either with armrests or not and is therefore ideal for both casual and more sophisticated dinners.

ariane chair.jpg


Simple with clean lines, our Ariane design is beautifully proportioned and extremely comfortable, due to its’ high back. It can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics in order to accommodate and reflect a variety of styles from a more glamorous to a more vintage/shabby look. The choice is all yours!     


Ariane Petite

The ‘petite’ version of our Ariane chair! Identical otherwise in regards to its’ simplicity but with a lower back, it’s short but sweet! Since chairs with higher backs might feel like blocking more space around them and if you wish to opt for a ‘lighter’ option for your space, without compromising much on comfort, then this is the design for you!



Who doesn't love a classic spindle chair?! We would like you to introduce you to ‘Linda’, our curved Spindle backrest chair with splayed carved legs, crafted with meticulous care out of beech wood by our skilled craftsmen. ‘Linda’ is a classic complement that blends into any style, from traditional to cottage-chic.

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