Custom-made Center tables

Design your favorite furniture according to your personal tastes & preferences. Enter desired dimensions, materials, colors & finishes and illuminate your desired style.



Crafted and upholstered with meticulous care and attention to detail by our experienced craftsmen, this is piece that will last you a lifetime!  It can become a fantastic industrial piece by choosing dark brown fake leather or a more sophisticated alternative with a softer fabric in a lighter color!

black console fake marble.jpg


Less is more! Simple, geometric and unpretentious, this coffee table can become your best friend, as due to its’ characteristics, it can change its’ looks instantly and be used in numerous décor styles! For an industrial look keep the black metal base and choose a wooden top of your liking! For a more chic look, opt for a more metallic color, such as antique gold and a marble top! The possibilities are endless! 



A stylish round coffee table, bearing a geometric base of a visually interesting design! Together they work in harmony to produce a piece of furniture that is unique and modern. It can be transformed to fit your personal taste and home décor preferences, as you can choose from a variety of wood types, colors and finishes! 



The combination of metal and marble is always a successful one, joining a ‘rougher’ material with the classy, elegant beauty of marble! And the amazing is that you can personalize this to your liking, by choosing your preferred color for the metal base or a different marble top! Can’t get better than that!



Inspired originally from a lovely French style tufted ottoman design, we’ve created our coffee table design! And the great thing is that it can be made bespoke, so you may choose the upholstered fabric of your choice to suit your personal tastes/interiors!



It can be used in numerous interiors, including traditional, rustic and farmhouse, depending also on the colors and finishes chosen! The incorporation of drawers and a bottom shelf can help you keep your coffee table clean and tidy, storing away whatever should remain out of sight.  

μεταροπή παλαιά παραθυρόφιλλα σε μεταλλικό τραπεζάκι απο απο 380Ευρώ (με γιαλλί ασφαλίας).JPG


A unique coffee table idea, for our eclectic customers! Old wood shutters are re-purposed to serve a new function! With a solid metal base and a glass top, this is a table that you won’t find anywhere else! It can be personalized to fit the dimensions and also the colors and finishes of your liking! 



We’re introducing our Roberte tables, with metal pinhead legs, wooden top in an organic form to resemble a tree trunk and rope details that add a spicy touch to the ensemble! Personalize it according to your own dimensions, preferred colors/finishes and take it home!