Refurbishment & Re-purposing Services

Every object has the potential to become 'more' than it really is and this is the creative philosophy we embrace here at In Domo, when dealing with an old piece of furniture! It can be re freshened to be brought back to life or altered and transformed into something completely new...the possibilities are endless and our imagination has no limits!

You can rely on our select team of designers & decorators to offer you with new design ideas regarding the renovation of your old furniture to best suit your needs and the needs of your home.


Paint Finishes

Furniture can be painted in any effect finish chosen by the customer. Each individual object can be thusly customised with unique patterns, colors of various shades/intensities and paint finishes. 

We offer a variety of colors in chalk paint, matte, semi-matte, glossy and satin finishes. There is also a wide range of stains, if you just wish to emphasize the natural appearance of the wood.

Samples regarding the end result of your furniture design can be found in our shop in Nicosia or you can always send us a picture of your own as a reference and guidance!

Chalk Paint

Transform your old furniture today!

Send us a photo of your old furniture today, along with any further details and/or photos you might have relating to how you would the end result to be! You can do that through email at '' or through our facebook page 'In Domo Furniture&Accessories' and we will respond to you with our quotation and/or any further ideas and thoughts!

Our experts are at your disposal for any professional advice, free of charge!

Customise Your Favourite Furniture Designs!

In Domo is specialised in crafting handmade furniture designs since 1984!

We fulfill this passion by designing products that are illuminated by your personal tastes & preferences.

custom made furniture designs

Furniture Crafting

It’s remarkable that In Domo has a great experience in faithful copying of a furniture through a photo! Thus, with a piece of paper, we can satisfy your expectations to the fullest while paying close attention to detail and striving to craft your personal dream house!

Furthermore, using the finest raw materials available in the market we offer a 10 years guarantee on custom-made furnishings. 

We ensure that you can be free of any anxiety regarding furniture durability while choosing your preferable wood qualities, textiles and foam padding densities.



In our store in Nicosia you can find all of our samples in a wide range of choices of upholstery fabrics, types of natural and processed woods, paints, varnishes and other available material choices regarding your furniture customisation.


Order your custom-made furniture masterpiece today!

Send us a photo of your desired furniture, along with its' dimensions and any further details you require, through email at '' or through our facebook page 'In Domo Furniture&Accessories' and receive your free quotation today!

Our experts are at your disposal for any professional advice, free of charge!