Feel free to browse through our ‘beds’ collection, featuring various styles, from French-style and vintage to contemporary and industrial! All our designs are custom-made, so dimensions, types of wood, shapes, colors and finishes, can be altered, according to your own preferences!

If you would like different dimensions and/or wood types than the ones specified, please use the Request Quotation button, fill out the form and we will respond back to you within 1 business day.


160X192cm - 5.5’ft

Pinewood: 1100Eur

+ 2m fabric


152X192cm - 5’ft

550Eur + 8m of fabric


160X192cm - 5.5’ft

3D Melamine: 500Eur

+ 2m fabric


107X192cm - 3/4ft

Pinewood: 420Eur

Melamine: 380Euro


160X192- 5.5ft

Pinewood: 550Eur

Kamille Set

150X192- 5ft Bed , 2 nightstands & 1 chest of drawers with mirror

Melamine: 900Euro

Shasha Set

150X192- 5ft Bed & 2 nightstands

Pinewood: 640Eur