Our History

In 1984, “In Domo” was initially founded as Theodorou Furnishings, which specialised in the upholstery and crafting of all kind of sitting furniture. In 2013, the family business restructured with a new Latin name - In Domo, meaning "in the house". 

This family business has stepped into the 21st century with a progressive approach to the world of design and crafting of unique furniture designs while carrying the importance of quality and customer satisfaction to this day. 

What we do…

  • Custom-made furniture

One of our main focus here at In Domo, is to provide everyone with the opportunity to create the home of their dreams! This is why we focus on customization! Tailor made furniture pieces that accommodate each individual desire without limitations. Dimensions, types of wood, materials, colors, paint effects & finishes, can all be modified with the aim to produce the desired result! We offer numerous designs, which you can see in the next pages, that can all be customised! Plus, we offer the opportunity for anyone to bring us their own furniture ideas, either through a drawing or a photo and we will do our best to craft it in order to match exactly what they have envisioned!

  • Upholstery Services

In Domo has been reupholstering furniture since 1984, so guess what? You are in excellent hands! Our experienced specialists handle your furniture with care and close attention while reconditioning and reupholstering them into looking brand new!

If your dining chairs or sofas need some TLC (Tender Love and Care), our experts team will do so by performing any structural fixings, specific touch-up spots, revitalising/refreshing or even changing the color of their legs, if needed. 

Our upholstery workshops make use of modern foam padding of various densities to choose from, according to your comfort preferences. 

  • Refurbishment & Re-purposing of old furniture

Every object has the potential to become 'more' than it really is and this is the creative philosophy we embrace here at In Domo, when dealing with an old piece of furniture! It can be re-freshened to be brought back to life or altered and transformed into something completely new. Here at In Domo you will find unique creations, such as the redesigning of an old suitcase into a small settee or a small bar. You will find us transforming old wooden doors into dining tables, chairs turned into benches and so forth! The possibilities are endless and our imagination has no limits!

  • Furniture design

In order to assist you to better envision the furniture piece you would like to have built, we can assist where possible with 3D modelling, so you may get a clearer understanding of the final result!