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Top 200+ Irish Girl Names and Their Meanings

Scáthach. With the mysterious meaning of “shadowy,” this is the name of another female Celtic warrior. It’s pronounced ska-HA. Treasa. For a strong Irish girls’ name in the literal sense, try Treasa, which means “strength.” Pronounced TRA-sa, it’s an Irish form of Theresa. Fionnuala.

Conor has had two short stories published in the widely acclaimed Wexford Bohemian Literary Journal. Conor’s favourite types of articles to write are ones which involve history, scenic locations and the news. When not exploring Ireland and finding out its secrets, Conor can usually be found working on his own supernatural novel series. An Irish Republican revolutionary, suffragist, and socialist, Constance is remembered as a woman who gave up her wealth to live amongst and help the poor. From politicians to singers, sports stars to pirates, the most famous Irish women of all time have played many important roles both in Ireland and further afield. The most famous Irish women of all time have achieved great things and have had a significant influence across the world.

  • Overall, this study provides a rich picture of Irish women religious during a period of unprecedented change and upheaval.
  • She was raised in Dorchester and attended college in New York and The Netherlands.
  • Meaning “delightful, pleasant,” this is a very cute Irish girls’ name and has a lovely meaning.
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  • Read letters and diaries from women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries documenting their experiences nursing in a variety of medical settings.

It’s pronounced FYEE-eh and has been climbing the charts in Ireland since 2012, emerging as one of the most popular names in the country in recent years. Gráinne. Many Irish female names have a classic sound, such as Myrna, Dervla, and Moreen, and could be good choices among old-fashioned and traditional monikers that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Ever wondered why dating an Irish girl is a good idea? Well, firstly, known worldwide is Irish culture. Conor Wickham is a keen travel writer from County Wexford, Ireland. He has been a regular writer for Ireland Before You Die, The World Bucket List and Meanwhile in Ireland since 2019. Conor has a keen interest in discovering everything Ireland has to offer. From sleeping in tree houses in the Ox Mountains to staying in shepherd huts in Donegal, Conor has experienced it. With qualifications in Marketing & Advertising with Online Media as well as Print Journalism, Conor has worked as a Website Content Writer/SEO Specialist in the past for many websites.

FAQs about Women’s Irish Clothing

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They are Beautiful

Brighid. Bridget (meaning “the exalted one”) is one of the top Irish girls’ names, but for a more traditional spelling, you could go with Brighid, pronounced BREEDG. The variant spelling Bríd has been more popular since the Irish spelling reform in 1948. With such unique and beautiful meanings, tones, and folklore, Irish girl names are particularly pretty with romantic sounds. If you’re looking for a lovely name for your future baby girl, consider these sweet and charming options.

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Overall, this study provides a rich picture of Irish women religious during a period of unprecedented change and upheaval. We’ve gathered a veritable treasure chest of traditional Irish women’s clothing in our stunning collection, specially selected from the very best Ireland has to offer.

This Irish girls’ name means “Ireland” in Gaelic. Saoirse. If you’re a fan of actress Saoirse Ronan, this name might not be too difficult to pronounce, but the actress has comically corrected the pronunciation time and time again! Meaning “freedom” in Irish Gaelic, this girls’ name is pronounced SHEER-sha.


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