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Philippines Engagement Customs

Traditional wedding party traditions really are a beautiful way to celebrate the culture and heritage for the couple. Filipinos have many long-held traditions which have been commonly practiced in their nuptials.


One of the important philippines engagement customs is usually pamamanhikan, which is where the soon-to-be husband goes to the bride’s home and formally asks for her turn in marriage. This can be an important custom that is often anxiously awaited simply by betrothed lovers.


The hoop is an essential part of Philippine weddings and has been meant for generations. It’s a symbol of fidelity, and it also serves as a sign of coverage for the couple.


The arrhae ceremony is a crucial part of a Filipino marriage ceremony. Arrhae is a small basket of coins, typically golden or silver, which the groom hands for the bride. It is a symbolic act that symbolizes wealth and prosperity in their marriage.

Cord Beneficiaries

During the marriage ceremony, the wire sponsors drape a ceremonial ribbons veil within the bride and groom’s heads and shoulders to represent their faithfulness in relationship. These individuals typically personally weave a silky cord called a “yugal” to encircle the groom and bride in the work eight routine, as a sign of timeless fidelity and bonding together before God.

Parents’ Blessings

The bridegroom and the woman seek their particular parents’ benefits during their wedding, the industry common traditions that has evolved with time. This is a way to honor the parents’ wishes and present them filipino guy dating tips the possibility expressing their affirmation of their choice in a wedded life.


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