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Master of Science MS Marriage and Family Therapy

Input from a health care worker from the same ethnic background who provided information in their own language was highly valued. Family orientated genetic services for ethnic groups practicing consanguinity can be acceptable and effective when provided in a culturally appropriate manner. In keeping with the Lasallian tradition, the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy strives to prepare professionals with the abilities and competencies requisite for the practice of marriage and family therapy. The curriculum emphasizes a conceptualization of the role of an individual in primary relationships, such as couple, marriage and the family. Students are provided with course work and clinical experiences that encourage them to examine the complex interplay of all forces which coexist within and exert influence on an individual and on a family system.

  • You may want to consider the SVR model as you think about your cultural and religious values; think about how you can leverage the challenges any differences may bring with the existing strengths in your relationship.
  • Providing counseling to an individual who is navigating such circumstances and decisions may require offering further values assessment to support the decision-making process.
  • I think of what it may have been like for her being raised up in a family plagued with racist beliefs.
  • For example, saying no to the family or setting limits on simple family events or dinners may be perceived as selfish and rude.

24 providing a lens through which the arranged marriage is evaluated. There then, is a free-choice system at one end of the spectrum, a space that cannot be shared with the arranged marriage, for that is a parent-orchestrated endeavour and parents’ ‘subtle coercion has a tainting effect on the child’s quality of choice’. 2 This will enable judging the arranged marriage on the qualities and rewards it holds for its practitioners.

The purpose of viewing boundary setting from a wider, more culturally inclusive lens is to stop making assumptions about what is “healthy” for all clients and desired by all clients and to stop promoting only the dominant culture’s perspective of boundaries. In some cultures where arranged marriages are common; there is best mail order bride sites a higher inequality between men and women. Some believe that those in arranged marriages might have a more satisfying union since they have realistic expectations and are not clouded by emotion when going into the marriage, while others believe it can lead to unhappiness and discontentment in the marriage. Many people that are in autonomous marriages look at arranged marriages as a way of force, but results have shown that many people go into arranged marriages out of their own free will. According to one study, the divorce rate was 4% for arranged marriages, while in the U.S., 40% of autonomous marriages end in divorce. There’s also been questions about sexual gratification; In Japan it was reported that the men in arranged marriages are more sexually satisfied, while in autonomous marriages the partners are in the middle.

Evaluation of Biased Science on the Arranged Marriage

This environment leads to a challenging, enlightening and rewarding exchange of ideas between students and faculty. Through our alumni, graduates network, support the program, and receive discounts on Family Institute-sponsored professional education CEUs. We are at the forefront of important clinical research and family therapy education. With an emphasis on the scientist-practitioner model that uses science to guide clinical practice, students are taught to use the STIC® , created at The Family Institute; this tool tracks the progress of therapy over time and is able to measure the effectiveness of therapy. Culturally sensitive therapy provides a safe place for you to learn to accept the true you.

The process of such engagement also includes identifying community resilience and ways to build on values that are important to the community. Communication about individual risk is important, but prevention and control messaging is more likely to be achieved when we engage the voices of those who live in the communities, particularly communities that bear the heaviest burden of the pandemic.

After all, a romantic partner is commonly considered a new member of the family. Thus, the decision requires the approval of the family in these cultures. The goal of the client seeking counseling at the university counseling center may simply be to feel humbly supported through their time of feeling stuck or yearning to change majors. What seems simple may be forgotten because we are often inundated by the dominant cultural norm of pursuing our own dreams and goals first. While students and clients may report feeling pressure, they may also report feeling pride in their struggles and motivated in their pursuit of this family dream, especially if they are from collectivist, immigrant backgrounds. While some therapist training programs now mandate classes in cultural sensitivity, others do not; therefore, it’s often necessary for therapists to seek out additional training or education in order to become more culturally competent. Cultural competence can also be strengthened through self-reflection and individual therapy.

The Systemic-Constructivist Approach to Working with South Asian Couples

This can make it tremendously challenging to seek a therapist, connect with them, and to maintain a therapeutic relationship. In general, there is a dearth of psychologists and therapists who are trained in couples and family psychotherapy which is a specialized field. COVID-19 communication and messaging should address community risks at least as much as individual risks. PEN-3 offers a communication framework that engages the community by promoting positive factors, acknowledging unique factors, and preventing negative factors.


Arya, 27-years old, Indian-American, and Patrick, 30 years, Caucasian, have been dating for the last year. They met each other on the dating app, Bumble, and shortly after started dating. In order to survive the controlling and strict family environment, Arya found herself lying or “manipulating the truth.” When Patrick was very young, his father in pursuit of an affair, deserted their family. Following the divorce, Patrick’s mother raised him and his siblings with the support of her extended family. Recently, jealousy and trust issues seemed to have been sparked between Arya and Patrick over “flirtatious messages,” Arya perceives that Patrick exchanged with an ex on Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. We all get mad at our loved ones – however, when anger is protracted or passive, important issues are neglected and a downward spiral can begin in relationships creating a relationship rife with defensiveness, blame, stonewalling, and criticism where important issues are repressed. When important needs are postponed, and underlying differences are not validated, appreciated, or respected they can start to erode the vitality of relationships.

184 Many people do not value, experience, nor desire full independence from parental authority. 169 In addition, social control, typical for group cultures, is applied to guard behaviour. ‘Deeply embedded in social functions, an inalienable part of the inner order of family … ritualized at every turn, authority is so closely woven into the fabric of tradition and morality … ’.

Some diverse clients believe these acts should not be disclosed to a third party, let alone an attorney. In other cultures, it is considered disrespectful and again frowned upon by the community to say anything negative about one’s spouse. In these communities, a cause of action on fault grounds, although truthful, may not be acceptable to the diverse client. Thus, it is important for diverse clients to be asked the right questions to elicit information about physical and/or emotional abuse, and other issues that will impact the course of the litigation and the protections that must be considered. An understanding of the norms and values of different cultures is important in order to develop a pragmatic plan for separation or divorce of diverse clients. For example, while it is well-known that domestic violence occurs among people of all races and cultures, the disclosure and prosecution of domestic violence have underlying consequences unique to diverse clients.

Alison and Kristina seek intercultural psychotherapy as a lesbian couple to relearn new methods of communicating their emotions and expectations with each other and their families. Therapists who successfully integrate cultural sensitivity practices into their treatment recognize and respect differences and take steps to communicate and interact empathetically with clients from diverse backgrounds.


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